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stable mat

Product name

stable mat - stripe surface



Product specifications

Colour: black

Material: Recycled Tyre Rubber 65shore

Tensile Strength: 3MPa

Dimensions: 17mm thick x 0.9275m width x 1.22m length

Weight: 23kgs



Pls note: one side has puzzle locking, so two pieces can connect together which is different with normal stable mat.




1.       Used for a variety of livestock farms (such as cow, horse and other animals);

2.       Used for animal transport vehicles;

3.       Used for softball field (for USA) and so on.



Product features:

Two kinds top surface of “dot” and “stripe”. Anti-slip and massage purpose, grooves on underneath can increase friction with ground, also drain dirty water or stale out to keep the stable dry.



Product benefits

• Anti-slip, anti-static, cold and heat insulation.

• Healthy and disease prevention.

• Good flexibility for riding, durable, withstand heavy weight.

• Easy clean, install and replace.



 Exporting to UK, Australia and other European countries.


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