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Molded Polyurethane Products

China Exact Plastic manufactures and exports custom molded Polyurethane (PU) products to USA and Europe, the polyurethane products are made by pouring and injection molding. We are capable of making large length max.1000mm. Hardness range from 25 to 90 Shore A. The products are used in mining, gas and oil industry as wear and corrosion protective parts. Componets manufactured in Polyurethane are high abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, elasticity and impact resistant making Polyurethane are ideal material for high wear and corrosion area.
Products range:
Conveyor Rollers
Hexagonal PU parts
PU bush
Polyurethane and rubber dics for a star screen separator
Polyurethane screen
Sheet, Tube, Rod
Polyurethane bolt down panels
Polyurethane rings
Lined parts
Rollers & Castors
Custom molding work in Polyurethane

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