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Rubber Gym Mat 1mtr x 1mtr

Product name

Rubber gym tile 



Material: Recycled Rubber & Coloured EPDM granules


Full fine granules / Top fine and bottom big granules


Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 20mm with beveled edges

Unit Weight: 13kg

Density: 867kg/m3




Black rubber gym floor mats with 7% solid blue EPDM rubber speckles

Black rubber gym floor mats with 7% solid gray EPDM rubber speckles

Black rubber gym floor mats with 7% solid red EPDM rubber speckles

Black rubber gym floor mats with 7% solid no EPDM rubber speckles




Gym tiles are a rubber flooring system designed specifically for gyms and personal training studio. They are long term, high density, impact attenuating flooring system. Suitable for gymnasium, weight room, personal training studio, crossfit floor. Used for bumper plates dropped on them for shock absorbing and non noise. They are also apply to laundry machines for anti-vibration, and sound isolation. 



· High density, high impact absorbing, long time.

· Excellent to resist slip even when wet.

· Made from black recycled rubber and coloured EPDM granules.

· Easy and low cost to install and remove.

· Non cell structure make it hygienic.





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